What makes me, “ME”

        My life is never designed to be a bed full of roses. In my personal odyssey, I come to experience failure, rejection, love, and triumph. I am a quite type of person if I were to describe. I am sensitive and fragile. When I arrived at the peak of hardship and dilemma. I lose strength and hope on how to get over with it. When I’ve been rejected and hurt I cannot say if life would still be beautiful.

        Believe me or not, as I experienced this painful situation, I talked to God and keep on asking why things happen the way I don’t expect it to be. I had a bad feeling what would life brings and how would it go. But God must be a God of mercy  and compassion- our one and only Savior. I then came to a point when I realized that sometimes, we need to be unhappy so that we can be happy. We need to experience pain and suffering so that we can stand firm and developed strength. Most especially,  our faith to God. It is by Him who saves us from hardship and guide us to make a wise decision. Life is really beautiful if we learn to welcome things and people in our lives.

       Me?.. I will go on and move on, because I know that there are lots of  things that awaits me.  will be patient and never force things to happen. i will be happy and lots of happiness is waiting for me.


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