My First love

My first boyfriend’s name was Bj, he became my boyfriend when I was still in high school and lasted until I reach in college. We agreed to have our study in college at Surigao so that we can still be together and no one would be apart.

My parents decided to send me to college in Cagayan de Oro, because I can be taking cared of there and someone will responsible to supervise me. I have no other choice but to say “yes” though my heart and mind is totally refusing.

We had made a promises that although we were apart our love will still remain and no one can break it. He told me that he will just focus on his study and will study hard for our future. .I fully trust him and believe that we can fulfill everything that we’ve planned.


I am so in love to the idea of being in love.But then, time changes everything.. As time goes by, i had noticed that his treatment towards me seems cold, I mean I notice some changes on him like he don’t have enough time to communicate me, and there is something in which he used to keep.I find ways to know everything.

At last!!!! the truth had prevailed.. he already found someone new.. As i logged in to his fb account, what i saw was the pictures of his girl.. tears came rustling on my cheeks and I cannot help my self but to cry. I couldn’t believe that the guy I ever love so much is now with the other girl.

It really broke my heart into pieces and I cannot say if life would still  be beautiful without him. I thought our love will last. But all is just an illusion.

He was the first guy who really broke my heart and the guy who first teach me what love really is. Despite of the failures and pain I encountered, I can say that there is good in goodbyes and parting moments. It teach me to be strong and how to manage myself in painful situation.

I learned to move on and go on with my journey..Memories i had with him will be cherished forever. babbbbyyyeeee.. :p


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