My Super Idol…


Birthday: April 23,1985                    

B-place: Bulacan

Motto in life: Just be yourself.

Hobbies: dancing, reading, cooking and learning new recipies

Likes: Friendly, thoughtful, and loyal people

Dislikes: untidy and mayabang

School: ABE(freshman) London University

Fave color: blue
Fave food: Lasagna, chocolate

Fave actress: Sharon Cuneta

Fave singer: Mandy Moore

Hottest Commercial:

Head and shoulders


Mc donald



Birth sign: Taurus

Sexiest part of a guy: Eyes

Ultimate date: Stargazing kasama ang special someone ko,then may candle light dinner

Songs that brings tears to her eyes:Songs of Bryan McKnight

Weird things about herself: Mahilig kumain and mag babay talk

Biggest lie: Gumawa ng sariling excuse letter

Description of herself: Simple.down to earth, friendly

Lessons learn about love: masarap magmahal pero kung niloloko ka lang, matuto kang bumitaw. Hindi yung kapit ka ng kapit kahit nasasaktan ka na.

Most expensive purchase: My car, and second hand honda


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