Me and my cousin; the best photos!!!




This collection of photos reminds me about our bonding sessions with my cousin.. I love being with her. Everytime we’ve been together I used to have a self-confidence because she encourage me to stand up high and face people.. not to hide them. Sometimes we’ve got a little misunderstanding and arguing to some things. But, inspite of that we can easily settle and fixed our problems toward each other.

I am also thankful and blessed to have a cousin like her. Of all the cousins I have she was the only one who became close to me. She can understand me and accept me for who I am including the weird things about myself. We also have similarities when it comes to things and likes.She was the one I can lean on everytime I have a problem and someone who give me such piece of  advice.My cousin is the only person to whom I can share my problems and everything that I have been experiencing. I love my cousin and I really treasure her. :))


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