One last song

And when I say relationships, I mean the typical man/woman kind. No cite here but like 95% of songs I hear on the radio are about guys singing about girls, girls singing about guys, getting the opposite sex, losing them, longing for them, trying to forget them, etc. Can’t humanity think of other things to sing about?

Relationships are visions, but only illusions…

Okay, it’s a combination of two things IMO. One is the Dead Poets Society theory that language (and by extension, song) was invented to woo women (and by extension, men)

The other is the lowest common denominator. Artists make, and companies sell, songs about relationships because most people have had relationships, and so have a higher chance of relating to any one song about relationships. Any one person, even those with no musical taste, might like a song that’s not about a relationship, but only if they like the subject matter!

ETA but of course those with no taste mainly like songs about relationships because that’s all they’re exposed to because they don’t care enough about music to find anything else and are satisfied with their current selection of music. Love and relationship is a topic that’s important to people, particularly young people towards which many of these songs are geared.

For me, I love listening music. Through music I can express my emotions and feel like I am part of the songs that i am about to listen. It can sometimes ease the problems and pain that I feel.


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