Archive | August 2013


I have been rejected, been hurt and have been struggling with my relationship with my boyfriend. I came to experienced a roller-coaster ride of living- tragedy, betrayal, rejection, love and triumph. I coudn’t even say if life would still be beautiful as i arrived at this peak of hardship and dilemma. I embark on asking the LORD, perplexed of why things happen the way i don’t expect it to be..

Thinking the fact that I am being left by the person I give importance to and show my care for is so painful as though my very life ha been taken away from me. It is not easy for me to imagine that he walks away without looking back especially when there is no enough reason for him to leave. In that moment, i feel that my heart is shattered into pieces unknowing if it could be mend again. I fail to pursue the real reason on why i fight- to prevent tears. Likewise, I fight for our love, I did everything and believed all the possibilities in order for him to stay… Yet i still saw him walking away from me.

I decided to let go accept this excruciating part in my life. I learned to wipe the tears, stand up and continue to live.

I took all the time to heal emotionally. It’s true that moving on, on the other hand, doesn’t take a day. It takes months or even years before we can get over with it, I should keep moving on for I know life has a lot of things to offer.. and I know someday, true love will finally come to pass.

The heart break I encountered makes me matured enough to conquer the slow death of pain. Honestly, I already forgive him after all the hurts and pains he put me through. In a way he teach me the value of trust and for me to be cautious when i have open my heart once again.

i have learned what life is all about by loving him. TOMORROW, I WILL START THE NEW CHAPTER OF MY LIFE.. I WILL LIVE AND LOVE AGAIN.!!!!!