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Love doesn’t have a manuscript to getting right and finding it in a specific general way. It has to come naturally and most likely it has to be unexpected. until love hits me unexpectedly on a rainy Friday afternoon in the middle of May. And my entire mind chooses to run to you.

5 months of bonds is not very long in the grand scheme of things but it’s long enough for me to know how strong our relationship is. I felt no remorse for anything I once did in this relationship ‘coz at one point it is what i wanted most;) The regular trips we made to see each other, those countless adventures we had, doing all things that lovers do and so forth are really treasured. And throughout this passed 5 months, we’ve been in some misunderstandings, arguments, and fights that could almost bring us from drifting apart. We have been dealing and met bevy of people who talks behind our back, keeps on throwing issues and hurled accusations against you. However, these barriers are not meant to hamper us from breaking up but rather makes our love grow and more stronger. In a way it tested our inner strength and more importantly, our devotion and love for each other.

We may not have a love story far better than the fairy tale romance. I am not even as beautiful as Cinderella but still we live happily and shared genuine love. I may not be a perfect girlfriend for you. I can’t even find solution to all problems, doubts, and fears towards our relationship. But then, I can listen, put faith and help you search for answers. I might be so jealous, selfish, have many insecurities, moody, and at times hard to handle. Yet, I never uttered unkind words that would surely makes you left dumbfounded and crushed. I don’t have the capability to forget or changed your past with all your pains and sufferings nor the future with its untold stories. But I assure, I will be there when you need me to care. Will picks you up from your greatest downfall, and comfort your sorrows and pains. Your decisions in life are not mine to make. I can only support and gives you smile for you to get inspired. I can’t give boundaries which I have determined for you but I can give you the room to change, the room to grow, and the room to be yourself. After all the wrong things you’ve done, I never refused to share my life and trust you once again. Perhaps, the more I know your mistakes, your shortcomings, and your limitations, the more I appreciate you.

Everyday, i strive to conserve this relationship that I really treasured so much and lay hold of it as much as I can. And I guess, I’m blissful living each day and every breathing moment with you, contentedly. Believe it or not, I had never loved anyone the way I loved you. Though I’m not totally sure if my love is enough to make you stay. I had fear that suddenly you might disappear. I am unprepared to wake up one day without having you by my side. And if this happens and along your disappearance, I may be lost meaning to go on with life. Yes, I have both substance and spirit but already having no impetus to continue living anymore. YUM, I LOVE YOU ‘COZ I NEED YOU.. and i’m not expecting for too much. I just go with whatever you can give and accept it wholeheartedly. I’m not asking for anything, not even luxurious things. Staying in love and faithful, having a relationship people envied and having an “annoyingly cutttiiiee cute.. cute sweetiiee fiance ” is more than enough for me :))))))))

I am truly grateful and blessed  for having you.. my God’s gift —-james! For at my darkest hour you never leave me. Instead,you wanted to love me at my best. Now i know that romance doesn’t only happened  in fairy tales. Where Romeo and Juliet seems have a famous love story. But it can be in reality.. and that the best romance can be found between you and me..


Love always,